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About Us

Uncle Beez Rescue Farm is a non profit that facilitates rehoming unwanted discarded pets. The horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs and cats have either been abused, surrendered, neglected, or were being shipped to a slaughter house.  Our goal is to get these animals healthy, loved and placed with another family that will show them the same loving and care they need. 

Our mission is to give Equine and small animals a good quality of life after being abandoned, surrendered or rescued. We will also reintroduce our Herd to community civic or supportive resource groups in hopes of bringing a better appreciation of life and balance between humans and animals. 

Our Mission

Bryant Greene

Founder of Uncle Beez Rescue Farm

I have been an animal lover since I was a child. I have always dreamed about owning a farm full of animals. When my dream was about to became a reality, I decided to turn my farm into a rescue. Most of my equine herd I saved from abandonment, abuse, rescued, or were surrendered situations. I wanted to use the farm as a haven and provide a better quality of life to the members of my herd. I have purchased/adopted smaller animals (goats, sheep, alpacas) to keep my equine herd company on the farm.

Our Mission

Bob Pellegrino 

Manager at Uncle Beez Rescue Farm 

I grew up around equine and small animals. Also, an avid animal lover since I was a child. I am passionate about the care we provide in bringing the members of the herd back to a deserved quality of life. Bryant (owner) treats his herd like family and provides for all their veterinary, dentist, and farrier cost enabling them to have a good, loveable, peaceful life. But he needs your help too!

We Need Your Support Today!

Uncle Beez Rescue Farm


Non- Profit Organization#: 85-2208056

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